Monday, September 04, 2006

ONAM- this year starts at 05 sep 2006. This onam i am at payyanur , the northern part of kerala.All over world malayalees are celabarating ONAM tomarrow.some of the onam figers i copied from net is given below.My curtessy to those pages


onam is associated with MAhabali and the vamanan.

Onam means sadhya or food , lot of food, food to every body.

pulikali- a type of street dance in Onam dayes in kerala

Onam kali- onam dayes groups of peoples are in the villages singing and dancing.

Ona pudava. In onam dayes new cloths are wearing

kaikottikali- onam day after the food ladies wil play this group dance with songs

Kadhakali is the art form of kerala. A full night play. Nala charitham is the best play amoung it.

chenda melam is connected with kerala festivals. personaly i love chenda melam.our mind will fly or occilate with chenda melam if u clossly listen .

Elephats are connected with all hindu festivels of kerala. Hundreds are available in kerala. Elephants are fentastic animals. i personally love elephants.

Athapoo is another things in onam. this is made with flowers. Flowers avilable locally. Athapoo is made in front of the house in early morning of the onam.

boat rise is another facinating things in ONAM. This is special type of snake boat.

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