Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrible thing happend. last 2 weeks i lost connection with net. I was using a gprs to get inter net via my moble phone. The mobil phone Nokia 6600, which was verry new, but develeped some problem , which canot identified / rectified by the local dealer priority dealer. he said to be send the phone to a far off place for identifying and rectifing the problem. so it gone , yet to heare from the no phone , no connection to net.This blog i am doing throuh bsnl dial up package tempararly borrowed from my friend. i hope nokia will help to rectify the mechanical problemsoon. The phone is under garentee periode.i would likes to get a new phone from them, since the phone i purchaised is quite new of two months old.

Monday, August 07, 2006

This house i desinged and built .The whole costruction taken more than one year.The entire masonry was done by a single mason Mr.Vijayan and electrical and plumbing by a single man Mr.Asokan.
The house not yet finished full.Still the finishing work yet to do.I love the trees.The trees near to the house were not disturbed. To avoide cracks to the wall by the root of the tree- i given a concrete belt beam all arround the wall just above the plinth. The beam size is 230 x 150 mm.There were 4 nos of 8mm tore bars too.
The trees near to the stair is called plangose one.There is another one next to that we called it plangose two, and the small one called plangose three. Beside there are so many coconut trees and other jack frute trees and wild trees. So many squirels are jumping all over this trees. sparrows , crows, owels are staying here. One or two time i seen big snacks too.All are living happly here.

The Top roof is made with sheets which arrest certain heat of the sun. In rain you can hear the music of rain inside the house too. No wood i used so far expect three doors. All windows are powder coated aluminium and purlines are steel box sections.

There is half wall in front of the verandha, the top is laid with black granite.Visiters can sit or even lay there.Special treatment has been given to the concrete roof above the verandha, so heat is minimised to inside.

The kitchen is small but have all fitings.there is one bath room and one toilet block. Two bed room - one over the other in duplex model. With that height one multy purpose room where u can watch TV, dine, and write.There will be lot of ward drobs all arroun the upper room side wall.There will be a stair case inside , the under side of it act as a show case.Plus all round the building there is a raise plaform for walk.
The water storage tank is insulated with non heating materials to avoide heating of water by sun.